Although my name is Chit Min Maung, you can call me Yangon, you can call me Banana, you can call me Hitler. It's just an identity only to contact each other.

Who are you, anyway? Do you have an identity? What constitutes your identity? Who your parents are? Where you were born? What you do for a living?

"Identity" has a troubling history. In the name of identities, lines have been drawn between who may govern themselves and who is enslaved, who can live in the neighborhood and who is excluded, who can and who cannot vote, and who does and who does not have basic "human rights". In fact, many have argued that embracing racial, ethnic, or gender identities implies an acceptance of roles that have been defined by oppression, while organizing around identities repeats the exclusionary and divisive practices of the dominant culture.

Raffles Place, Singapore. 2015

Chinatown, Singapore. 2016

Orchard, Singapore. 2015

Chinatown, Singapore. 2013

Little India, Singapore. 2012

Kent Ridge, Singapore. 2016

Monywa, Sagaing, Myanmar. 2015

Admiralty, Singapore. 2016

Little India, Singapore. 2015

Somerset, Singapore. 2015

Chinatown, Singapore. 2014

London, UK. 2015

Bugis, Singapore. 2015

Admiralty, Singapore. 2016

Edinburgh, Scotland, UK. 2015

Chinatown, Singapore. 2013

Little India, Singapore. 2014

Bugis, Singapore. 2013

Chinatown, Singapore. 2013

Krabi, Thailand. 2014

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